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The Ellen Datlow/SCI FICTION Project, that is. We're showing the love for five and a half years of great short fiction, and we need your help! We've got over 300 stories to cover, so if you're a person who loves short speculative fiction, we want you. Go here to read the list and add your voice.

Monday, January 30, 2006

A Note on Progress

As those of you who visit us regularly will have noticed, the pace at which new pieces are appearing here has slowed considerably. (We're still waiting to hear from some of you: hint, hint.) We are also still at around the halfway point for sign-ups. With that in mind, and with the hope of completing the Project as it was conceived, we're opening things up a bit. If you've already done (or signed on to do) an appreciation, you're now welcome to sign on for another. Several of you had previously expressed interest in doing multiple appreciations before; now's your chance. As before, leave a comment on the List or send an email to me at snurri2000 @ Thanks for all your help, everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm working on my project right now. That'd be The Most Famous Little Girl in the World by Nancy Kress. I will try very hard to have it to you by this weekend.

S. F. Murphy

6:44 AM  

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