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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Neutrino Drag" by Paul Di Filippo: An Appreciation by Claude Lalumière

"Neutrino Drag" is a campy gonzo historical mythic hard-SF drag-race comedy of Americana. It beautifully and mirthfully captures a specific time and place, a low-culture moment of twentieth-century American mythology. It's fun as all hell. It's funny as all hell. It's sorta sexy, in a high-kitsch 1950s kind of way. It plays amusing linguistic games, and its exuberant language is inseparable from the story being told. The speculative science is mind-bending. The characters are beyond peculiar. The plot is totally ridiculous, yet we joyfully fall into "Neutrino Drag"'s expertly created universe.

It's fun.

Short stories can be fun.

Paul Di Filippo stories often remind us to chill out and have fun. And that includes having fun reading Paul Di Filippo stories.

Link to story.


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