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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"The Horse of a Different Color (That You Rode in On)" by Howard Waldrop: An Appreciation by Lois Tilton

There is only one Howard Waldrop. He can take the most absurd premise and develop it with such acute verisimilitude that the reader must pause to wonder: Hey, this might really be true! Maybe the Marx brothers did have an older brother who worked in vaudeville with an act that (almost) recovered the Holy Grail.

The announcement of a new Howard Waldrop story always sent me immediately to anticipating a rare and favorite treat. If the loss of Sci Fiction now means there will be no more new Waldrop stories, the world will be a sadly diminished place.

Link to story

Lois Tilton's fiction has appeared in many places, but not in SCIFICTION.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will not allow Howard to claim that he killed off SCIFICTION. His story is not the last out of the chute!
Ekkeb Datlow

9:53 AM  

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